12 African American Tech Pioneers You Should Know

 February 4, 2014
12 African American Tech Pioneers You Should Know
By Malica Fleming
  1. Kathryn Finney

    5918 DG Blog Post - Kathryn Finney
    Kathryn Finney of Digital Undivided is focused on getting black women started in technology.
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  2. Marc Hannah

    Tech Innovators - Marc HannahMarc Hannah co-founded Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) in 1982, a company that went on to be well-known in the tech & Hollywood entertainment markets for its computer graphics technology. Various graphics software he was named “Principal Scientist” on at SGI ended up being used to create effects for such movies as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Aladdin, Field of Dreams, and the list just keeps going on.

  3. Felecia Hatcher

    Tech Innovators - Felecia HatcherEntrepreneur Felecia Hatcher, founded Code Fever to introduce technology to kids in Miami.
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  4. Marie Van Brittan Brown

    Tech Innovators - Marie BrownMarie Van Brittan Brown was the 1st person to develop the patent for closed circuit tv security. The system she designed used a motorized camera which slid up and down looking through a set of four peepholes. Marie Van Brittan Brown received patent number 3,482,037 for her invention on December 2, 1969.

  5. Marissa Jennings

    Tech Innovators - Social GrlzMarissa Jennings founded SOCIALgrlz to provide a digital content platform for African American girls.
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  6. Albert White and Emitt McHenry

    Tech Innovators - McHenry WhiteAlbert White and Emitt McHenry founded Network Solutions, the first and only domain name registrar until 1999, when the domain name industry opened up to competition.

  7. Dr. Patricia Era Bath

    pbath_smDr. Patricia Era Bath invented the Laserphaco Probe, which perfected the process of removing cataracts.

  8. Deena Pierott

    5918 DG Blog Post - Tech Innovators - Deena PierrotDeena Pierott, founder of iUrban Teen, a program that exposes “non-traditional” STEM learners to career opportunities. Deena is also the founder of the award winning Mosaic Blueprint, a Pacific NW firm specializing in diversity recruiting, and multicultural branding.
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  9. Kimberly Bryant

    Tech Innovators - Kimberly BrantKimberly Bryant is founder of BlackGirlsCode, an organization that introduces programming and technology to youth in cities across the country.
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  10. Dr. Mark E. Dean

    Tech Innovators - Dr. Mark DeanDr. Mark E. Dean began his career at IBM by joining the team that developed the first IBM personal computer. He also invented the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) “bus,” which permitted add-on devices like the keyboard, disk drives and printers to be connected to computer motherboards.

  11. Gina McCauley

    Tech Innovators - Gina McCauleyGina McCauley is the founder of the BloggingWhileBrown conference dedicated to education, collaboration and innovation among bloggers of color.
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  12. Angela Benton

    Tech Innovators - Angela BentonAngela Benton founded the NewMe Accelerator, a tech-startup incubator with the goal of increasing diversity in tech entrepreneurship. Angela also started Black Web Media which publishes Black Web2.0, a top site for tech-industry news aimed at the black digerati.
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